Arran Access Trust

... was launched to address land access issues on Arran

Arran Access Trust

... aims to provide high quality access

Arran Access Trust

... hopes to attract a wide membership on Arran and from visitors

Arran Access Trust

... seeks to help walkers enjoy their visit

Arran Access Trust

... undertakes projects to improve access such as on the Coastal Way

Why is access important on Arran?

Since inception in 1999, the Arran Access Trust has evolved from a community group set up primarily to resolve issues between landowners and walkers to the leading access organisation on Arran taking a strategic approach to the management of access provision throughout the island.

Access is very important to Arran both for those who live on the island and as a key part of the island's tourism industry. Much more can be done to make sure that access on the island works well for visitors, residents, and the farmers and owners who manage the land.

What are the aims of the Arran Access Trust?

The aims of the Arran Access Trust are:
  • to provide for, maintain and improve access opportunities on Arran
  • to ensure that access meets the needs of the community, both for recreation and as a basis for tourism
  • to ensure that access does not interfere with the work of those who farm and manage the land
  • to enable visitors and residents to enjoy access on Arran
  • to avoid damage to the environment
The Arran Access Trust is based on the work of the Arran Access Initiative, set up by Scottish Natural Heritage in 1996, and before that, the work of the Arran Access Forum. It is an independent, charitable organisation run by a Board of Directors who are elected by members. Arran Access Trust is Scottish Charity, SC029027, regulated by the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR).

What does the Arran Access Trust do?

The Arran Access Trust…
  • maintains and upgrades existing paths
  • develops new footpaths
  • advises visiting field study parties on where best to go
  • promotes the Hillphone service
  • makes funds available for small projects
  • protects sensitive sites from overuse
  • bids for funding for major projects
  • consults with the community